MAC Cosmetics releases the Selena Quintanilla Makeup Collection!

MAC Cosmetics just launched their newest limited edition collection and it's my absolute favorite thus far because it's from one of my idols Selena Quintanilla! Growing up I remember listening to her music and watching her life movie (where she was played by Jennifer Lopez) over and over...and over again with my younger sister. I never liked to watch the ending though :(. To me, Selena will always be a legend and her memories and music will live forever. 

With that being said, I HAD  to make sure I got my hands on these products. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE wanted to get their hands on these babies. As a MAC Pro member I was able to pre-order the products and they were sold out in seconds (which was to be expected).  I really am scared to use them because I just don't want to mess them up..I just want to put them on display lol. Does anyone else feel this way? The collection includes: 5 eyeshadows, a liquid eyeliner, a mascara, 3 lipsticks, a lipglass, a bronzer/blush duo and an all-purpose brush. I love how they incorporated the names of her songs into these products!

Here are the products I was able to purchase! I got the 3 lipsticks: 'Amor Prohibido', 'Dreaming of You' and 'Como La Flor', as well as two eyeshadows 'Missing My Baby' and 'Selena'. Anyone else able to purchase these? I still have my eyes on that bronzer! Feel free to share your experience in the comments! <3